"Years ago, I had a hair transplant procedure that I later regretted. I was left with scars that became more visible as I continued to lose hair. I was very self conscious about my appearance. After learning about SMP I made another mistake by assuming that a regular tattoo artist could duplicate the work of an SMP specialist. The out come was disappointing.

  Then I found Melissa at Advanced Technique Paramedical Clinc. The Procedure done by her has immensely improved the appearance of my scalp, and my confidence. I wish SMP had been available when I first decided to treat my hair loss. I highly recommend Melissa's expertise."

Paul F. Kamloops BC 

*These are  actual client testimonials of Advanced Technique Paramedical Clinic. 

"​​Eyebrow pigmentation has changed my life! I no longer worry about my eyebrows rubbing off while doing the things I love doing; running, swimming, and biking! I am no longer self conscious when I'm caught with out makeup on."

Jill W . Vernon B.C

scalp micro pigmentation kelowna

"I cant believe it, WOW! "

Jake M. Vernon BC 

​"I was concerned about my  appearance due to my receding hairline and thinning hair at the back. When I would get out of the shower at the gym, I would see my reflection in the mirror under the harsh florescent lights and be upset by how bald my head looked. After the SMP procedure my hair appears full and even.

It has incereased my confidence and self image. This improved confidence has helped me in my business and my romantic life. ​I feel ten years younger! Thank you  Advanced Tech" 

Andrew L.  Lake Country​ BC

''Melissa at Advanced Technique Paramedical Clinic did a phenomenal  job. I feel incredibly confidant when out in public now.... to me it looks like I had a hair transplant. "'

Richard J. Kelowna BC

"Life changing procedure, so happy to have met Melissa here  in Kelowna. She did a wonderful job, very skilled and thorough at what she does.  I would highly recommend her services to anyone."

Lorenzo M. Kelowna BC

"I've  had been contemplating this procedure for a while. I was a little nervous at first, but I am so happy I finally decided to do it.  Melissa and her staff made me feel very comfortable and answered all my questions.  What a difference, I cant even tell what is hair and what is not." 

Jay S.  Kelowna BC

 "I came in with a Transplant Scar, I have had it for years. I was always  quite self conscious about it, especially standing in lines like at the bank or grocerie store.  Now I have to stare at it myself to try and find it! I am so pleased with the results. Thank you Advanced Technique Paramedical." 

Troy H.  Langley B.C

Advanced Technique Paramedical Clinic

Client Testimonials.